Emily Blunt on Working with 'Pal' Ewan McGregor


Emily Blunt says one of the best things about appearing in the romantic comedy Salmon Fishing in the Yemen was getting to work with one of her favorite actors, Ewan McGregor.

"He's the best," Blunt told ET at the film's premiere last night at the opening of the 23rd Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. "I mean, I'm upset with him that he's not here because he's like my pal, I love him. We had the best time and it was effortless. I think it's my favorite thing I've ever seen him do... what he does in this film, he's so clever with it." 

Blunt explained that the film is a very unconventional romance. "It's basically about this sheikh who has a dream to introduce salmon fishing to the Yemen, which is a seemingly impossible venture because it's desert and you need cold climates for salmon fishing." She adds that the plot allows the characters from vastly different backgrounds to come together in a hilarious and  impossible adventure.

Blunt said she hopes audiences will respond to the film's uplifting message. "I think really it's a breath of fresh air, so I hope more than anything people walk out feeling like they've really enjoyed themselves and that they've experienced something."

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen -- which also stars Amr Waked, Rachael Stirling and Kristin Scott Thomas-- hits theaters March 9.