Dolly Parton: 'There's My Queen!'


ET's Nancy O'Dell sat down with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton to talk about their upcoming movie Joyful Noise and got an entertaining story on how their first meet and greet went.

"It was exciting. I thought, 'There's my Queen!'" Parton said. "We were meeting in the recording studio to record some music and we talked on the phone but I was so excited just to meet her. It was just a fun day."

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The two showered each other with more praises, a stark contrast to their characters in the musical film who bump heads over a vacant choir director position and how to win a national choir competition. While their camaraderie off screen resembles two best friends, Latifah, who's also an executive producer for the film, shared her thoughts on getting the country star back from nearly a 20 year hiatus from the big screen.

"You don't just get her to come back," Latifah said. "She decides."

Click the video to hear more from the stars of the film! Joyful Noise hits theaters Friday, January 13.

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