'Red Tails' Stars Celebrate With Real-Life Heroes


The New York City premiere of Red Tails was a star-studded event, as Terrence Howard, George Lucas, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ne-Yo all lit up the red carpet to support the film based on the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African American U.S. service members during World War II.

A few of the real life members of the Tuskeegee Airmen were present at the premiere, which clearly touched Howard.

"To sit there with the Tuskeegee Airmen, that's like Charleton Heston getting a chance to have lunch with Moses before he played Moses," Howard said. "I mean to actually see the real life exploits and realize that these were people -- these were real individuals -- and to be told on the big screen that George Lucas wrote the story and Anthony Hemingway's direction, it's amazing."

George Lucas, executive producer of the film, stressed the historical importance of Red Tails.

"You know, it's an important movie for the black community," Lucas said. "Because these are heroes that have never been recognized. And I think it's about time that people realize who some of the other people are besides John Wayne who saved our country."

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R & B star Ne-Yo excitedly walked the red carpet for his foray onto the big screen, where he told ET his well wishes for Beyonce and Jay-Z on the recent birth of their baby girl Blue Ivy Carter.

"Blue Ivy Carter, welcome to the world," Ne-Yo smiled. "And to Jay and Beyonce, it's a good thing that y'all don't sleep anyway because you ain't gonna get none no time soon," he joked.

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