Mark Wahlberg 'Not the Thrill-Seeker I Used to Be'

Mark Wahlberg 'Not the Thrill-Seeker I Used to Be'

Mark Wahlberg is back with guns a-blazin' in the fast-paced thriller Contraband, in theaters today, but the action hero admits that he's not as gung ho as he used to be when it comes to performing his own stunts.

"I'm not one of those guys who are like, 'Yeah! I do all my own stunts and I'm really cool!'" Mark tells ET. "You know, if I have to do it I'll do it, but I'm definitely not the thrill-seeker that I used to be. I'm 40 years old, I've got a wife and four kids, so I don't need to be getting hurt."

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Not content to sit on the sidelines entirely when it comes to stunts, the star of such films as The Italian Job, The Fighter and Shooter adds with a smile, "But when it comes to beating someone else up, I have no problem doing it myself."

In Contraband, Mark plays Chris Farraday, a reformed smuggler who is forced back into doing what he does best -- running contraband – in order to settle his brother-in-law's (Caleb Landry Jones) debt. Doing one final run to Panama and back with millions in counterfeit bills, Chris must successfully navigate a treacherous criminal network of brutal drug lords, cops and hit men before his wife, Kate (Kate Beckinsale) and sons become their target.
Ben Foster, Giovanni Ribisi, Lukas Haas, Diego Luna and J.K. Simmons also star.