George Tells Martin How He Would Have Shot 'Hugo'

George Tells Martin How He Would Have Shot 'Hugo'

Fresh off his Golden Globe Best Actor win, George Clooney offers some tongue-in-cheek directorial advice to fellow Globe winner Martin Scorsese before getting serious for a director's roundtable and photo shoot at the Los Angeles Times.

Clooney -- director of The Ides of March, joked that he was approached by the Hollywood legend to offer tips on how he would have done a better job directing Scorsese's latest adventure film Hugo. "Marty, which his friends call him, Martin Scorsese, came up to me and asked me how I would have shot Hugo. And so I went -- shot for shot -- through the film and tried to explain to him, you know, what he was doing wrong. And he really enjoyed my input, as you can imagine."

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Clooney and Scorsese recently joined fellow directors Stephen Daldry (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close), Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) and Alexander Payne (The Descendants) at the the L.A. Times' 3rd annual Directors Roundtable. During the event's first installment, the directors comment on how they decide which movies to bring to life.


Clooney also responded to his Golden Globe win and how he approaches industry awards in general. "Look, It's just nice to... you do films for awhile you just want people to, you hope they like them and they're nice to you. That doesn't happen all that often, so it's nice when it does."

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Watch the video to see Clooney's L.A. Times photo shoot and be sure to visit daily for new clips from the Directors Roundtable all this week.

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