Some 'Paranormal' Tea with Toby


Paranormal Activity 3 haunts home video on January 23 when it comes to DVD and Blu-ray, and in celebration of its imminent release alongside Paranormal Activity: The Chronology on VOD, the stars and creator of the hit horror franchise assembled at Hollywood's legendary Roosevelt Hotel on Friday the 13th for "Tea with Toby" to reveal production secrets, confess their own fears -- and spill a few beans on Paranormal Activity 4

Complete with pinkies out, series creator Oren Peli, Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Christopher Smith, and little girls Chloe Csengery and Jessica Tyler Brown downed tea and crumpets, finger sandwiches and a variety of fruit and cheeses as ETonline and select members of the press waited to see if Toby (the demonic entity from the films) would make his presence known.

Oren and the cast were extremely tight-lipped about Paranormal Activity 4 details, as if Toby himself (or maybe just the Paramount studio executives) would wreak havoc on them. The film is scheduled to hit theaters October 19, and Oren did let a little tidbit slip:

"Every time we think, 'Okay, let's figure out a great idea for a sequel,' hopefully it works and the fans embrace it, then we'll think about the next one," he said. "As we've done in the second and third one, we do have this mythology that's emerging, and it's kind of cool that we were able to go back in time and explore more of it. So we do have quite a few directions that we can go in, and we probably have material for more than one movie, but we're always looking at it as one at a time. So now we're concentrating on the fourth one, and hopefully it will turn out great, and if people like it, then we'll think about the next one – but I think it's greedy to think beyond the one you're working on."

Paranormal Activity 3 Makes History

Micah revealed that he wasn't allowed to attend the premiere of the first film because he was "technically dead" in the context of the "found footage" concept. "I remember watching it from across the street, hiding behind a mailbox and watching everything; it was very surreal," he said, adding what deleted scenes he'd love to come to light: "For me personally, there are a couple improvised songs that I did during both Paranormal 1 and 2 that never made it into either final cut."

As for what scares them in real life, Chloe and Jessica both agreed that "burglars" scared them the most, while Christopher said "spiders" and Micah singled out possession: "I feel like everything else, whether it's a psychopath or some evil whatever, you can fight it, but how do you fight something that's inside of you, that's dismantling your ability to even deal with it? To me that's just a horrifying concept."

Christopher confirmed that while there were no actual paranormal activities on the set while making Paranormal Activity 3, he offered, "The crew tried to scare us."

Oren also shared that the first Paranormal Activity scared Steven Spielberg so much that the Hollywood legend had to screen it in two installments. Perhaps it was a little bit of divine retribution, since the Paranormal Activity creator considers the Spielberg-produced Poltergeist was one of the scariest, "defining ghost movies of the eighties," and pays homage to it in Paranormal Activity 3.