Beckinsale 'Weirdly Familiar' With Vampire Selene


Starting today, you can see Kate Beckinsale reprise her role as the beautiful vampire warrioress Selene for the fourth time in the most spectacular installment of the Underworld franchise, Underworld: Awakening.

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Alongside husband Les Wiseman (who wrote and produced the film), Beckinsale premiered the sci-fi/horror film in Hollywood, looking nothing like her leather-clad alter-ego, in a glamorously bejeweled floor length gown.

Speaking with ET, Kate admits she'd only anticipated she'd kick supernatural butt for the first film back in 2003, never imagining she'd still be involved with the franchise nearly ten years later. At present, she feels a connection with the vampiress which she describes as oddly "familiar."

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"It was crazy. I never played a part more than once before except this one so it was weirdly familiar and kind of unfamiliar because it's been a while," said Beckinsale.

As for whether or not we can expect a fifth film in the Underworld saga, directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein promise this question will be answered when fans see the film for themselves.

"When you see the ending of this one you can see that it's pretty simple to make another one."

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Picking up where Underworld: Evolution left off, the millennia-old battle between Vampires and Lycans rages on in stunning 3D in Underworld: Awakening. Taking the celebrated saga's signature action and mayhem to a new level, Awakening pits Selene against her most powerful adversary yet, just as she discovers a shocking secret that will change everything she has ever fought for.

Michael Ealy, Theo James, India Eisley, and Stephen Rea also star.

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Underworld: Awakening is in theaters now.