Brad Pitt on His Favorite Movie Experience


Brad Pitt recently met up with The Hollywood Reporter for a photo shoot and to chat about Moneyball, for which he has received an Academy Awards best actor nomination.

Although he has since become a fan of baseball after Moneyball, Pitt admitted that a childhood incident originally distanced him from the sport.

"I had a run-in with a baseball in center field when I was younger that resulted in 18 stitches," Pitt recalled. "I just figured it wasn't my future."

When asked if he has a competitive rivalry with his friend George Clooney during the awards season, Pitt took a moment to praise Clooney and his contributions to the film industry.

"George is one of the greatest people I've met in this industry," Pitt said admiringly. "He has given so much in front and behind the camera. I say give him all the trophies."

When inquired about his favorite movie experience, Pitt didn't hesitate to nominate his most recent flick.

"Well, certainly Moneyball," Pitt said, "because it's such complicated material. This movie died on a vine so many times…I'm so happy that the movie has come together because of everyone's efforts like it has."

The full-text Hollywood Reporter interview with Brad Pitt alongside his photo spread will be on newsstands this Thursday (Jan. 25).