Is Katherine Heigl Team Clooney or Team Pitt?

Is Katherine Heigl Team Clooney or Team Pitt?

Katherine Heigl looked stunning at last night's NYC premiere of her film One for the Money, in which she plays Stephanie Plum, the born-and-bred Jersey girl-turned-bounty hunter from the popular Janet Evanovich novels.

And did she have to adopt a thick Jersey accent for the film?

"I tried!," Heigl laughed. "Don't ask people from Jersey though, because they might disagree."

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With the 2012 Oscar nominations just announced yesterday, she also weighed in on the great George Clooney vs. Brad Pitt debate.

"Those guys are supposedly really good friends, right? How does this go down? Do they get really competitive? Do they bet against each other? What happens?," she joked.

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But when forced to choose between the two studs, like a lot of women, she just couldn't decide.

"Oh, I can't choose between them!" she exclaimed.

However, legendary actress Debbie Reynolds, who plays Heigl's grandma in the film, had no problem calling it.

"I think probably Clooney will get it," she told ET. "He's the favorite -- not that he's better than anyone else, because they're all wonderful. But it's just he had a more emotional role, so odds are ... I'd guess Clooney."

Check out the video to hear both Heigl and Reynolds talk about shooting their favorite scene in the film, as well as what's coming up for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga.