Lily Collins is a 'Modernized' Snow White

Lily Collins is a 'Modernized' Snow White

Everyone in some way, shape, or form is familiar with the Snow White tale, but Mirror Mirror star Lily Collins wants fans to know things are a bit different this time around.

“In out story, it’s a little different,” Collins said. “[The dwarves] train me physically and emotionally. And she’s modernized -- it’s a fun way to play it.”

Collins is referring to the Snow White character that she’ll be playing opposite Julia Roberts’ evil queen in what’s being booked as a friendlier version of the classic Brothers Grimm story. The other happens to be Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, a grittier take on the classic tale which opens nine weeks after Mirror Mirror.

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Check out some clips from the film and decide which one you would rather see! Mirror Mirror is set to appear in theaters March 30.

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