Denzel Washington: 'Bad Guys Have More Fun'


ET met up with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds to talk about their new movie Safe House, and got the scoop about an on-set injury, how Ryan feels about Denzel, and what Denzel thinks about playing the "bad guy."

Actress, comedian and The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler interviewed Denzel and Ryan for ET, and when she asked about how many of the stunts they performed, Denzel brought up how Ryan gave him his first black eye in his life during a stunt for the film.

"I'm in handcuffs and I'm supposed to reach over to try to choke him," Denzel recounted. "It just so happens [that] I reach over as his head was whipping back."

Although Ryan gave Denzel a shiner, it certainly wasn't on purpose, as he had some kind words to say about his legendary co-star.

"He's the best actor in the world," Ryan said. "I'm not kidding about that…The problem is that you get caught watching [him act] sometimes."

When Denzel, who has played his share of "bad guy" roles, was asked whether he preferred to play the "bad guy" or the "good guy," he said he doesn't really think of his roles in those terms; however, he revealed that it is more fun to play the role of the villain.

"It's cliché to say, but bad guys have more fun," Denzel assessed. "You can get away with more…In playing a real character who's heroic, you're kind of stuck. There's only so much you can get away with. But [the] bad guy can say anything."

Safe House
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