What Scares Daniel Radcliffe?


Daniel Radcliffe is clearly not afraid of his own Harry Potter shadow. The young Brit star has graduated from Hogwarts with valedictorian box office honors, and now headlines an all-new, Victorian Gothic horror film: The Woman in Black.

"It will be interesting for people to see this film, I think, in terms of seeing me differently," a candid Daniel tells ET about escaping potential typecasting. "I hope people respond to it. I certainly look very different in this movie."

Daniel Radcliffe's 'Woman in Black' Set Tour

In theaters Friday, The Woman in Black finds Daniel as a young lawyer who travels to a remote village, where he discovers that the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals.

Radcliffe Reveals His Valuable 'Harry Potter' Keepsake

A fan of scary movies, Daniel offers, "I suppose my favorite horror movie would be The Shining -- I watched that when I was way too young. I was about 14 and it just terrified me, and it still does, just thinking about the 'redrum' moment, and that reveal still just freaks me out."