Dwayne Johnson's 'Million-Dollar Smile'


ET was on the red carpet last night for the premiere of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, a sequel with Dwayne Johnson, of whom his co-stars spoke very kindly.

"Dwayne is Superman," director Brad Peyton said. "He's the nicest guy in the world, and he can also bench-press you at will."

Co-star Josh Hutcherson also had his share of admiring words for the man who rose to fame as a professional wrestler

"He's a guy that can go from being the big action star, and then he flashes that million-dollar smile and just makes the ladies swoon. He's got a very sensitive, compassionate side to him too," the 19-year-old actor said.

"To steal the term, it's been a hell of a 'journey,'" Johnson said as he flashed his 'million-dollar smile.' "I got to play the ukulele. I got to sing to Sir Michael Caine. I got to make my pecs pop. I mean, some call it entertainment [but] I would refer to it as heaven."

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The 39-year-old charismatic gentleman just winked at the camera when asked about the movie.

Dwayne Johnson's Mysterious 'Island' Talent

"That's my international way of saying it's damn good," Johnson explained. Somehow we already knew exactly what he meant. 

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island will be in theaters next Friday (Jan. 10).