Jennifer Aniston on Working with Her Boyfriend


On the red carpet for the premiere of Wanderlust, ET dived into the relationship of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux and found out what it was like for the couple to work with one another.

Justin Puts the Moves on Jen in 'Wanderlust'

"My first impression working with Jennifer is how spontaneous she is," Theroux complimented. "She's an incredibly present and hysterically funny actress. We [immediately] had a fun time."

Jennifer Aniston Getting Star on Walk of Fame

As for how he's handling the spotlight that's being cast upon his relationship with Aniston, Theroux said he sticks to what's important, which is "what happens within the four walls of [his] own home."

ET posed the same question to Aniston about her impressions of working with her partner and got a similar affable response.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Night Out

"[It was] easy. [He is] completely funny and kind," Aniston gushed. "He's just really good."

ET Flashback '90: Jennifer Aniston

Aniston and Theroux weren't the only ones dishing out compliments about their co-stars, as the entire cast claimed to have developed a unique bond during the film's shooting.

Jennifer Aniston on Relationship with Justin Theroux

"It was a blast," star Paul Rudd said, adding that the cast was rampant with funny actors. Rudd also touched upon his longtime friendship with Jennifer Aniston and what it meant to him.

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