Jennifer Aniston Talks New Nude Scene


Nudity is a major theme of Jennifer Aniston's new movie Wanderlust, which filmed near a nudist colony, and the actress revealed to us what it was like to get in on the action.

"It's not comfortable completely," Jennifer admitted of her topless scene in the movie. The Golden Globe winner went on to say that once the adrenaline kicks in, she's able to focus more on just being in the scene.

In Wanderlust, a Manhattan couple (Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston) stumbles upon a rural commune that celebrates free love. Interestingly, Jennifer found love long after filming when she began dating her co-star Justin Theroux.

Justin Puts the Moves on Jen in Wanderlust

"I've known Justin for, like, five years," said Jennifer. "He's just a good human being."

Jennifer and Justin met while Justin was working on Tropic Thunder, which he co-wrote with Ben Stiller and Etan Cohen. In our interview, Justin spoke about another comedy that he co-wrote, Rock of Ages, that's set to be released June 15.

"Everyone in this movie gives an unreal performance," Justin raved about the flick that stars Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Malin Ackerman, who also appears in Wanderlust.

"I could not stop laughing," Malin said of working with Paul Rudd in the romantic comedy. "Poor guy had to sit through me crying laughing so hard, and he still got through it."

Wanderlust hits theaters February 24.