Does Amanda Seyfried's 'Gone' Trick Audience?


Is Amanda Seyfried going a little crazy in Gone, or is there really a serial killer on the loose? At the Hollywood premiere of her new thriller, the beautiful blonde star carpet-bombs a few spoilers and freely admits that the film tricks the audience!

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"I think we trick the audience a little bit in certain ways, trying to make them think that my character is a little bit delusional," she explains, "but really, [the serial killer is] out there and he's really smart and she's coming to him -- and it's like nobody would ever do that unless they were in the situation that she is."

In the new suspense thriller, in theaters Friday, Amanda plays Jill Parrish, a woman that is convinced that her sister Molly has been abducted by the same serial killer from whom she escaped just a year before. With the clock ticking on her sister's life, Jill races against the sinking sun to find the killer and save her sister.

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"I really like psychological thrillers because they always stick with me; I love how they manipulate the audience," says Amanda, adding, "And also it takes place in the dark woods of Portland, which is vast and deep and scary."