Julianne Hough's Fun 'Footloose' 'Hair-eography'


Landing the female lead in Footloose was a dream job for Julianne Hough, but in our exclusive clip from the upcoming Footloose DVD, the former Dancing with the Stars performer reveals that she often had to scale back her "hair-eography" moves so she wouldn't look like a pro!

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"I didn't want to look like a pro dancer," says Julianne. "I wanted to look like a teenager just going out there and having fun."

In one dance scene, however, Julianne finally got to whip her hair around with reckless abandon -- and she had the added bonus of being joined by her three sisters and mom for the sawdust romp

Kevin Bacon: 'Footloose' Rewind

Look for Footloose on DVD and Blu-ray March 6. The re-imagining of the '80s Kevin Bacon dance classic stars Kenny Wormald as Ren MacCormack, a Boston transplant who moves to a southern town and learns a jarring rule: Dancing and loud music has been banned. As Ren falls for local girl Ariel (Julianne), he challenges the ban and must face off against Ariel's father, the Reverend Shaw Moore (Dennis Quaid), in order to bring life back to the repressed community.