Hollywood Honors Martin Scorsese in Lavish Gala


Martin Scorsese was honored on Friday by Vanity Fair and Richard Mille, who threw a party in support of the acclaimed director's non-profit organization, The Film Foundation, and it attracted some of Hollywood's most distinguished stars.

The purpose of The Film Foundation is to preserve and restore film while educating young people about the historical and cultural significance of film -- a subject explored in Scorsese's Oscar-nominated film Hugo.

Hugo Stars on Working with Martin Scorsese

"It's the story about the repairing of a man's soul through the restoration of his life's work, and Marty has given hours of his valuable time to rescuing and restoring works of art that would have been destroyed, forgotten, lost forever," said Sir Ben Kingsley, who starred in Hugo as Georges Melies. "I've seen many of his restored films and what a gift they are to us now and to the future."

Ray Liotta, Danny Huston, Kathleen Robertson also attended the event at Hotel Bel-Air, paying respect to Scorsese.

WATCH: Hugo Trailer

Watch the video to find out the stars' favorite Scorsese films, and tune in to the 84th Academy Awards tonight on ABC to see how Hugo fairs.