Scarlett Johansson Cast for 'Psycho' Shower Scene

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Scarlett Johansson has joined the cast of Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho in the role of Janet Leigh, whose iconic nude shower scene remains one of the most chilling in the history of film.

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Anthony Hopkins will play Hitchcock in the movie and Helen Mirren will portray the filmmaker's wife, Alma Reville, according to The Hollywood Reporter. British actor James D'Arcy will reportedly play Anthony Perkins, who portrayed serial killer Norman Bates.

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The drama -- which is based on the non-fiction book by Stephen Rebello
-- focuses on Hitchcock's struggles to make the 1960 horror classic Pyscho.

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Hitchcock had to finance and produce Pyscho himself because the studios initially showed little interest in the movie, which eventually turned out to be one of the most influential in the history of cinema.