Channing & Jonah Reboot '21 Jump Street'


Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill make for unlikely partners in the laugh-filled, big-screen update of the late '80s baby-faced cop show 21 Jump Street, and we've got a look behind the scenes!

New Trailer: Hill & Tatum Star in '21 Jump Street'

In theaters March 16, Jonah and Channing play Schmidt and Jenko, two former high school nemeses who become unlikely friends at the police academy. Untested and the joke of the force, the pair get a chance to shine when they're assigned to go undercover as students to bust a drug ring. But can they blend in with today's more complicated youth cliques – and will their awkward teen neuroses get the best of them?

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21 Jump Street also stars Ice Cube, Chris Parnell, Rob Riggle, Brie Larson and Dave Franco.