Will There be a '21 Jump Street' Sequel?

Will There be a '21 Jump Street' Sequel?

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum developed quite a bromance while filming their new action-comedy 21 Jump Street, but was it enjoyable enough for them to do a sequel?

Channing & Jonah Reboot 21 Jump Street

"We would love to have the chance to do this again," Channing told guest correspondent Alicia Quarles. "But people have to go see the movie."

"It all depends on if the audience loves it," Jonah agreed. "It's not up to us. If it was up to us, we'd be making it right now."

Jonah and Channing play Schmidt and Jenko, two former high school nemeses who become unlikely friends at the police academy. While neither is particularly gifted at law enforcement, they find their niche in the police force by using their youthful appearance to go undercover at a local high school, impersonating teenage students.

Both were executive producers on the film, and their work relationship seems to have resembled their on-camera characters, as Jonah compared their management style to "good cop, bad cop".

New Trailer: Hill & Tatum Star in 21 Jump Street

"[Channing] is the good cop and I'm the bad cop," said Jonah with a laugh.

21 Jump Street hits theaters March 16.