Elizabeth Olsen Reveals 'Irrational' Fears


She grew up in the shadow of her famous twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley, but 23-year-old Elizabeth Olsen now has her own acting credits, including the indie drama Martha Marcy May Marlene and her new horror flick Silent House.

At the New York launch of Silent House last night, Elizabeth said she enjoys the genre and liked playing the lead -- a young woman who finds herself sealed inside a secluded lake house where she hears unexplained noises and sees a series of people appear and disappear. "I'm in it for the tension and the nail-biting, until it gets under your skin and you want to crawl out."

Elizabeth also revealed some of her real-life fears that she thinks stem from various Hollywood movies. "I don't like water, unless I can see down to the bottom of the ocean. It terrifies me. I think I'll be eaten by a shark. I have an irrational fear of roller coasters and piranhas -- mainly all based on some sort of film I watched as a child."

Watch the video to also hear from some of Elizabeth's co-stars in Silent House, which hits theaters on Friday.