Elizabeth Olsen Tackles Horror for 'Silent House'


After Elizabeth Olsen's acting career soared with the highly praised film Martha Marcy Mae Marlene, the 23-year-old actress is at it again with the upcoming horror film Silent House.

Upon sitting down to discuss the film with ET, Olsen tackled the subject of the general quality and reception of horror films.

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"There aren't very many good horror movies being made all the time," she evaluated. "It's really hard [to make a good horror movie], and when they're good, they're really good."

While the ultimate evaluation of whether Silent House joins the elite horror films will be determined by its audience, Olsen was applauded by the film's producers for her acting.

"She had the qualities we were looking for," producer Laura Lau said. "We needed somebody who had that luminosity, the charisma, and the depth."

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Lau and husband and fellow producer Chris Kentis revealed that the film's format of continuous filming may have been new and exciting for the crew but may have taken a toll on Olsen.

"Nobody had made a movie this way before…so it was a lot of fun [for the crew] but I think for Lizzie…it was very challenging for her because she brought it every single take, and that was not easy to do," Lau said.

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Olsen also reflected on the difficulty of producing takes that lasted as long as twelve minutes, describing it as "heart-wrenching" to get close to finishing the take and then have it become unusable.

Safe House
will be in theaters this Friday, March 9.