How 'Fundamentally Flawed' are Jason & Ed, Really?


Jason Segel and Ed Helms play brothers stuck in a rut in the self-explanatory new comedy Jeff, Who Lives at Home, in theaters March 16, and Ed tells ET that luckily his sibling relationships are nowhere near as "fundamentally flawed" as the characters in the movie.

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"Jeff (played by Jason) is just looking for order in the universe and where he fits into that; Pat (played by Ed) is just, like, angrily stomping through life and grasping onto these markers of success, and thankfully they learn that with a little bit of work, they can make each other better guys, and be grateful for their fraternity," explains Ed, adding, "Happily my relationship with my siblings has never been quite as contentious or fundamentally flawed as Pat and Jeff in this movie."

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Jason offers, "I fought with my siblings growing up, but it's interesting -- like, we're all kind of adults now, and so we're getting to know each other as adults, which is a whole new dynamic." Of the characters in the film, the How I Met Your Mother star explains, "It's two guys who are very different, sort of getting to know each other for the first time, and sort of as friends more than just brothers. It's really easy to be hard on your siblings."

Directed by Jay and Mark Duplass (Cyrus, Baghead), Jeff, Who Lives at Home also stars Susan Sarandon as Pat and Jeff's frustrated mother, and Judy Greer as Pat's wife, who just may be having an affair.