'Hunger Games' Cast Spills Set Secrets at Premiere


All The Hunger Games stars were on hand for the movie's Los Angeles premiere on Monday, spilling on set secrets including how the cast spent their off time during filming and their most embarrassing moment.

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"The time that I screamed out 'Where's my girdle!' out of the trailer," Jennifer Lawrence said, describing on of the on set moments she might regret. "There was a studio head there."

Based on the book series by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games -- which hits theaters March 23 -- is set in a futuristic, dictatorial society in which 12 impoverished districts must sacrifice two children in a yearly, nationally televised battle to the death called the Hunger Games.

"I don't think I've ever promoted something quite as big as this," admitted Liam Hemsworth. "So it's very exciting."

Just like the fans that lined up in Downtown Los Angeles to catch a glimpse of the stars on the black carpet, the cast members were also avid fans of the book series.

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"Everyone from the head of the studio to the grips on set had all read the books," said Isabelle Fuhrman. "If I wasn't in the movie, I'd be across the street [as a fan] screaming my head off."

Most of the film was shot in North Carolina, and being away from their homes in Los Angeles may have aided in the heavy amount of bonding that the cast did when they weren't shooting.

"We would go bowling; we would see movies; we would have dinner parties and potlucks in different tributes houses," said Jacqueline Emerson. "It was a blast."

During the Hunger Games premiere, ET took over the Celebs on Facebook page, where we posted exclusive photos and video for over four million fans. The anticipation for the movie just keeps growing -- Facebook tells ET that almost two thirds of fans plan to see the movie "more than twice," while the number of fans on the Hunger Games Facebook page has grown 185 percent since the beginning of the year. Facebook also reports that the film's star, Jennifer Lawrence, saw a 17 percent spike in mentions on Facebook on the first day the film's trailer was released.

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