Tatum and Hill's Fantasy Undercover Job


At the premiere of 21 Jump Street last night, ET discovered where stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum would like to go undercover in real life.

While Hill originally mentioned Hawaii, he reassessed his fantasy undercover destination after Tatum mentioned his as the "Victoria's Secret fashion show," saying that his dream undercover job would be as a "Victoria's Secret oil boy."

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Jump Street co-stars praised Hill and Tatum as the perfect comedy duo and were tongue-tied when having to choose between the two as to who would be the best cop in real life.

"Cop Channing's got the muscle. Cop Jonah's got the smarts and the funny," Rob Riggle weighed. "I would try to fuse them into one super cop."

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Holly Robinson Peete—who starred in the television series upon which the film is fundamentally based—praised the dynamic duo as well, claiming that they put off all 21 Jump Street "purists" who object to the film being a comedy unlike the show.

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"It's a little difficult [for the purists] because it is a comedy but Channing and Jonah—they're an unbelievable comedy team, and they sell it," she said.

21 Jump Street
will be in the theaters this Friday (Mar. 16).