Emily & Ewan Play Go 'Fish'


Emily Blunt says it herself: "That title is so weird! When I first heard it, I thought, 'How is that film even getting made?'"

But once the lights dim and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen starts to play, you're treated to a quirky and charming film that's utterly bold in its simplicity as it tells the story of two people's quest to introduce salmon fishing in the Middle East.

Emily Blunt's Engagement Story

In order to properly capture the spirited nature of the film, I challenged Emily and Ewan to an equally energetic round of Go Fish when I caught up with the duo in NYC recently. In addition to watching them get their game on, I found out what their hobbies are and why Ewan's tops Emily's.

Inside Ewan McGregor's Head

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is now playing.