Sneak Peek - 'Musical Chairs'


From Dancing with the Stars to big screen musicals, dancing is omnipresent in pop culture today and now a new movie aims to combine the frivolity of flying fringe with an important message.

Dancing with the Stars Premiere Shocker!

Musical Chairs focuses on Armando (a Bronx-bred boy whose dancing dreams clash with his handyman reality) and Mia (an Upper East Side princess whose dancing dreams are seemingly dashed when a tragic accident confines her to a wheelchair).

But their combined determination leads Armando and Mia to compete in a highly-competitive wheelchair ballroom competition -- an event that tests their will and their hearts like no one expected.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek from Musical Chairs and be sure to catch it in theaters (March 23 in New York and Southern Florida, March 30 in Los Angeles and Chicago).