Kate Winslet Reveals Secret of 'Titanic' Chemistry


Can you believe that 15 years have passed since Titanic broke box office records to become a box-office phenomenon? Now, on the 100th anniversary of the real-life Titanic disaster, the James Cameron-directed blockbuster is coming back on the big screen in 3D.

"It was a hugely successful, very impactful film at the time," Kate tells ET. "It was a great love story about something that actually happened in our history."

Kate Winslet Goes Back to 'Titanic'

"We really never fancied each other; we really never had a thing for each other in that way, so there was never any flirting," says Kate of her chemistry with Leonardo DiCaprio (who was unable to make the junket due to his filming commitments on Quentin Tarantino's newest movie, Django Unchained). "We had a really great trust right away, actually, and a sense of humor, too, which was the thing that got us through such a tough shoot."

Director Cameron confirmed that there was no clandestine relationship, but indeed a true friendship.

James Cameron's Deep Sea Dive

"I think they needed each other as an oasis in the middle of all this chaos and all the scale of the physical production," says Cameron about Leo and Kate's chemistry. "It was a little place they could kind of retreat to and not have to worry about the fact that this mammoth production was resting squarely on their shoulders."

As for some of the on-set humor, Cameron confides that Leo "used to act like a Siamese cat getting into the water -- it took him half an hour to put his foot in… And then I find out at the end that he's a certified scuba diver and he was just having fun, I think, at my expense."

Titanic in 3D sails into theaters on April 4.