Kate Beckinsale on Her Chance to Kick 'Total' Butt

Kate Beckinsale on Her Chance to Kick 'Total' Butt

Kate Beckinsale has seen her share of physical roles in which she's shown her flare for action and fighting. But she now reveals that her role in the upcoming Total Recall gives her the chance to kick butt as a bad guy for the very first time.

"I've never played a bad guy before, the villain," Beckinsale says of her role in the remake of the 1990 action thriller also starring Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel. Beckinsale plays Farell's spouse in the movie, but she's hardly a good wife -- she is actually his adversary in the film's alternate world. "We found it fun to make her American when she's nice and English when she's horrible, just because we can."

For his part, Farrell said working on the special effects-heavy movie was nothing short of incredible. "The sets have been cool, man really cool. I've had mates say everything is green screen, is it hard to imagine the environment?" But he added that is wasn't as difficult as it might seem because of the incredible attention paid to detail on the well-crafted sets. He said this aspect will literally transport audience members to the fascinating world created on screen.

Biel said that even though the physicality of the movie was demanding, she just kept asking for more. "You know what, I'm covered in bruises, I hurt like hell, I threw my back out whatever, I'm ready to go. Put me back in the harness, I want to remember this moment," she said. She also revealed that working with Farrell was always enjoyable because he likes to have fun and is very funny.

Watch the video for more interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from the set of Total Recall, which blasts its way into hits theaters August 3.