'Avengers' Role is Susan Downey's Least Favorite

'Avengers' Role is Susan Downey's Least Favorite

At the premiere for the much-anticipated superhero film Marvel's The Avengers, Susan Downey, wife of Robert Downey Jr., revealed that although the film may be great, she's not a big fan of her husband playing the role of "Tony Stark"/ "Iron Man" in the film.

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"It's my least favorite character he takes on," she said. Downey Jr. then explained that his movie roles tend to carry over into his everyday life. "When I'm playing 'Sherlock,' she'll tell me, 'I'd ask you a question but I know you already have the answer to any and all questions because you're 'Sherlock,'" he explained. "With 'Tony' I just strut around a little more."

Although "Tony" isn't Mrs. Downey's favorite role because of Downey Jr.'s cockiness when he plays the role, she finds it a "very sexy" role.

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Downey Jr. as well as the rest of star-studded cast said that filming Avengers was a fun experience, which shows in the finished product. "I think part of the reason why it's so fun to watch is 'cause we're having a great time making it," said Mark Ruffalo, who plays "Dr. Bruce Banner"/ "The Hulk."

Although the cast enjoyed shooting the film, a few of the actors weren't too thrilled about the costumes they had to wear during production. "It feels good to get it off to be honest," said Chris Hemsworth, who plays "Thor." "It's a pretty uncomfortable thing."

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Scarlett Johansson expressed similar feelings about her costume with some sarcasm. "It was fantastic," she joked. "There's nothing as exciting as zipping yourself into a latex cat suit everyday."

Marvel's The Avengers
opens in theaters in the U.S. on May 4th.