Who Was the Toughest on 'The Avengers' Set?


With an array of superheroes teaming up for the mega film Marvel's The Avengers, we all wonder what it would be like if the heroes battled it out against one another. Better yet, who would win in a real-life battle between the cast members?

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"[Scarlett Johansson] ran the show," said Chris Hemsworth, who plays "Thor" in the film, slightly answering the hypothetical scenario. "She's tougher than the rest of us," he added, then demonstrating how Johansson's tolerance for pain was higher than that of her male co-stars.

Although the 27-year-old actress plays "Natasha Romanoff"/ "Black Widow" in the film, she revealed that she related more to the character of "Hulk" when she was a child, as she said that she would have moments in which she became enraged and would have temper tantrums.

Behind The Scenes of 'The Avengers' Set

Johansson maintains that acting helped her relieve the bottled-up anger she had as a child. "Eventually, you learn to channel [the anger] into other things that are more productive than just having these [angry] moments," she said.

As for what the experience was like for Johansson as the only female superhero character and subsequently being constantly surrounded by a majority of men on the set, she said that she "had it pretty good." "These boys like to party hardy and break out the moonshine...but they were kind to me," she said, adding that she would have to clean up the party wounds the next day.

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Johansson and the rest of the superhero team hit the big screen in Marvel's The Avengers starting May 4th.