'Harry Potter' Star Looks Back

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Evanna Lynch had the ultimate Harry Potter experience since she was able to objectively enjoy the films as a fan before joining as Luna Lovegood in Order Of The Phoenix. Now, you too can feel what it's like to be on the iconic sets thanks to The Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London: The Making of Harry Potter, a new attraction that allows fans to walk on the soundstages and interact with the exact props that were used to bring Mr. Potter's magical journey to life.

Lynch recently rang up ETOnline to talk about returning to Hogwarts, her final on-set memory and reveal what her biggest Harry Potter regret is!

ETOnline: Was it strange to walk back onto the Harry Potter sets for the first time in a few years?
Evanna Lynch: Yes -- and that's what’s different about this. There's already a theme park in Florida, which is also awesome, but everything there is a replica. The studio tour has the actual sets. This is where all eight films were made. It's nice to walk on there and feel the atmosphere we had on set and appreciate all the details.

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ETOnline: Do you remember your last day on set?
Lynch: It had been a year and a half -- I remember breaking down so hard on the last day. I remember feeling like we were leaving our home. You don't think about that when you're filming because there's always something else to do. You never actually think it's going to end. So to know that the sets won't be torn down, and know that people will be able to admire all that hard work for years is incredible.

ETOnline: Did you take any souvenirs when filming ended?
Lynch: I didn't! And it's annoying because everyone else seems to have taken something [laughs]. I was being too good because they drilled it into us, "Don't take anything!" I remember while we were filming the sixth film, I accidentally wore Luna's shoes home and five different people called me, screaming, "Where are the shoes?!?" [laughs] They weren't actually angry, more just freaking out that they'd lose their jobs. But I did collect things I was allowed to – I have all the callsheets from the films and I saved the sign from my dressing room door that says my name and Luna Lovegood. I took things that were important to me, but no authentic props.

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ETOnline: Looking back, what should you have stolen?
Lynch: It would have to be something kind of difficult to replicate – maybe a Phoenix or Dobby. Something cool that would make people say "Whoa!" when they walked in my flat. Everyone says their wand, but you can buy those anywhere for $30 [laughs]. I'd want a big, gaudy Phoenix in the middle of my living room.

ETOnline: Are you far enough away from the experience to realize what a massive contribution to pop culture those films made?
Lynch: Not really. I never think about that because even when we were on the sets, it never felt like work. Yes, it was a big budget movie and we'll never get treated this well in your life [laughs] but it was such a family feeling. When I see the fan reaction, that's when it hits me. I'll always be proud to have been in Harry Potter.

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