Michelle Pfeiffer Shares Sexy Vampire Obsession


Catching wind of Tim Burton's plans to make a film based on the 1960's supernatural soap opera Dark Shadows drove Michelle Pfeiffer to do something she's only done once before -- personally call up the director to request the part. The Golden Globe winner dropped some hints as to why she wanted that job so much in an interview with Mark Steines.

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"For a kid who was 11 years old it was spooky and kind of sexy," said Michelle, who admitted being a fan of the original ABC program. "Vampires are always sexy."

Dark Shadows once again re-teams Johnny Depp with director Tim Burton in a story that begins in 1752. Having relocated from Liverpool to Collinsport, Maine, Barnabas Collins grows up to be a rich and powerful playboy, the master of Collinwood Manor. But when he breaks the heart of Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), the witch turns him into a vampire and buries him alive.

Barnabas is freed from his tomb two centuries later in 1972, only to find his once grand estate in shambles.

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"I've been obsessed with vampires my whole life," said Michelle. "And I remember, early on, seeing a vampire movie with this woman being bit in the neck ... and this look of ecstasy on her face ... it was so erotic."

The movie adds to that eroticism with a steamy love scene between Barnabas and Angelique, which happens to be the first one of Tim Burton's career.

"It was lots of fun actually because I felt like I was Barbie and he was Ken," said Eva.

This marks Tim and Johnny's eighth collaboration together and by now even the younger stars of the film could recognize the chemistry the two had on set.

"They're just one person," said Bella Heathcote.

Chloe Grace Moretz added, "They're symbiotic almost."

Dark Shadows rises in theaters May 11.