Tom Cruise Taking Stab at Van Helsing

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Tom Cruise Taking Stab at Van Helsing

It looks like Tom Cruise is going to take a stab at making the Van Helsing character his own…

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In a Universal Studios announcement of a new deal with hot screenwriting duo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci -- the men who crafted the Transformers and Star Trek franchise storylines, (not to mention Mission: Impossible III, Cowboys & Aliens and the new Hawaii Five-0 TV reboot) – it was also revealed that Cruise is attached to produce and star in a new Van Helsing movie, taking over the crossbow from Hugh Jackman.

The 2004 Van Helsing found Jackman battling Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and The Wolf Man on their home turf of Transylvania in a frenetic, over-the-top CGI spectacle. The updated Cruise version will be a "re-imagining" of the franchise.

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Universal also announced that Kurtzman and Orci will be involved in a reboot of The Mummy franchise, but there's no word yet if Brendan Fraser will be involved; and the Cruise connection extends with All You Need Is Kill, which the screenwriting duo recently rewrote.