What Do Johnny Depp's Co-Stars Think of Him?

What Do Johnny Depp's Co-Stars Think of Him?

Johnny Depp has become one of the most acclaimed actors of the modern era and as such has also become the highest paid actor. With all of his fame and wealth, is Depp still an approachable man or has it all gone to his head? His Dark Shadows co-stars told ET at the film's premiere what it was like to work alongside the star actor.

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"For a guy that's in his position being such a major movie star, it's really refreshing to see how down-to-earth he is," said Jackie Earle Haley, who plays "Willie" in the film. "He's just a super nice guy...As an actor, it's a great experience to get to work across from somebody that's so good."

All of Depp's co-stars had similar positive remarks about the 48-year-old actor, including Chloe Grace Moretz, who plays "Carolyn." "He was so special," she praised. "Going on to set every morning he would say hello to my mom and my brother and he would never snub anyone. He was so humble and just a precious guy."

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Michelle Pfeiffer, who admitted that she has always been a fan of vampires and the original Dark Shadows soap opera, recounted her first date with her husband, which involved the vampire movie Dracula.

Also in attendance was American Idol judge Steven Tyler, who told ET why he was there. "We're recording the new Aerosmith album in Tim Burton's (director of Dark Shadows) old studio," Tyler revealed. "Johnny came down a couple of nights. We played him some stuff...I don't know how this happened but it's a beautiful thing."

Dark Shadows
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