Did The Dictator Kill Clooney's Ex?


Did The Dictator hire George Clooney's ex for a pleasure cruise around Cannes, and then kill her and brazenly dump her body overboard in broad daylight?

Video: 'The Dictator' Storms the U.K.

The action was all caught just outside of the Hotel du Cap during the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival, as a fun-in-the-sun tryst between Admiral General Aladeen and supermodel Elisabetta Canalis aboard a luxury yacht quickly turned ugly.

"I asked George Clooney whether I could borrow his ex girlfriend, and things happen," jokes Sacha Baron Cohen to ET about The Dictator stunt. "It's unclear, but there are rumors that he bought her from George Clooney for an undisclosed sum involving a certain amount of Euros and some Rolexes and some diamonds obtained from some mines in Africa, and I think he rented her for a few hours."

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He continues, "I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I think it ended acrimoniously. I think her body was tossed over the edge of the boat, so I'm afraid no more Elisabetta."

Watch the video for more of Admiral General Aladeen's Cannes chaos, including his near-miss accident aboard a camel! The Dictator opens in theaters nationwide today.