Kristen Stewart on Working with Charlize Theron


As Kristen Stewart continues to transition out of the ending Twilight series, she is working alongside some well-established Hollywood actors, including Charlize Theron on her latest film Snow White and the Huntsman. ET caught up with Stewart at a special screening of the film and found out her thoughts on working with Theron.

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"Great," Stewart responded when prompted about what it was like to work with her co-star. "I wish we had more time [together]. We had such a loaded, little experience. We only had the end of the movie to shoot together so it was like the climax and three days later it was done. I love her. She's so cool."

Stewart's beloved co-star was absent at the event, as was Chris Hemsworth, who were both tending to their new children. The 22-year-old said of Theron's absence, "It totally blows! Where the hell are you?" she said looking into the camera.

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Sam Claflin, who also starred in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, said it was a shame that Hemsworth and Theron couldn't be at the screening and they probably had their hands full with their children. "I think we all get on very well," Claflin said of the cast's chemistry. "We're very, very lucky to be blessed with great people to surround us."

With the variety of action stunts performed in the production, the 25-year-old English actor stated that horse riding gave him the most trouble. "There was a few accidents, I have to say. I think there's something wrong about kicking an animal that's bigger than me," he said.

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In the film, which is a new twist on the classic Snow White tale, Claflin plays "Prince William" (a version of "Prince Charming"), who helps Stewart's "Snow White" journey to kill her stepmother. Snow White and the Huntsman is in theaters this Friday (June 1).