'The Avengers' in Space!


'The Avengers' in Space!

Now that The Avengers have saved Earth, they're heading into space… Marvel Studios has arranged with NASA to hold a special screening of the record-breaking superhero saga 220 miles above the world at the International Space Station!

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"The studio is privileged to share Marvel's The Avengers with those up in space exploring the universe," says Louis D'Esposito, Marvel Studios' Co-President and Executive Producer of The Avengers. "A special thanks goes to NASA for utilizing their incredible technology to make this special screening miles above us in space happen. It is a screening that would make Tony Stark envious."

Mission Control in Houston will uplink the film to the International Space Station for the six-member crew's exclusive enjoyment. The current crew consists of two NASA astronauts, one European Space Agency astronaut and 3 Russian cosmonauts.

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"These are the types of things that help to keep the crew connected to home, which is a huge morale boost while being away for long periods of time," says Dan Cook, Psychological Support Coordinator with Wyle, a contractor at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Aside from watching movies and television shows, ISS crewmembers have a number of options for their leisure and personal time, such as reading books or magazines, listening to music, and playing musical instruments.