Jordin's Sparkling Final Duet with Whitney Houston

Jordin's Sparkling Final Duet with Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston's last-ever song Celebrate is a duet with her Sparkle co-star Jordin Sparks, and we're behind the scenes of the music video made in Whitney's memory!

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"We wanted to make sure this was a fun, happy video and just kind of dedicating it to her," says Jordin.

The song was recorded just days before Whitney died, and their voices were electronically mixed. Shooting the video is the first time the Sparkle cast has reunited since the film wrapped, and they decided to put the pain of Whitney's death aside and remember her as the fun-loving star they got to know. For Jordin, it is important that fans get to hear Whitney's voice again, and to think of it as a celebration.

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"What better song to leave for people to hear - the last song - than a song that is so upbeat and just so happy and so encouraging," says Jordin.

The Celebration single is out on Tuesday, and Sparkle hits theaters August 17.