ET Flashback: Charlize's 'Mighty' Monkey Business


Charlize Theron is burning up the box office this summer with Snow White and the Huntsman and this weekend's highly anticipated Prometheus, and now we're flashing back to a 22-year-old Charlize in her first on-set ET interview for her 1998 Mighty Joe Young remake.

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"Let me tell you, there's nothing like having a love scene with a gorilla," jokes Charlize.

In the vintage ET interview, the pre-Oscar winner makes light of her "love triangle" between co-star Bill Paxton and the oversized title character, pointing at the giant gorilla with a laugh: "I don't really think it matters if he's jealous or not; would you want to fight that? Am I really worth that?"

Charlize also feigns confusion about her animatronic co-star, questioning, "What do you mean it's a machine? He's alive!"

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Watch and enjoy…