First Look: New 'Titanic' Box Art


Titanic sails onto Blu-ray 2D and 3D for the first time on September 10, and we've got an exclusive first look at the cover art! Read on for disc details...

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Fifteen years after Titanic broke box office records, and 100 years after the real-life ocean liner disaster, the James Cameron-directed spectacle returned to the big screen in 3D. This fall, fans of the timeless modern classic can watch the pristine hi-def print in their own living rooms -- "the backdrop for big spectacular environments and intense action, as well as profoundly intimate human moments, allowing generations of fans -- new and old -- to truly become part of the movie like never before," says Cameron.

Video: 'Titanic' Premiere Then & Now

Titanic will be available in a four-disc 2D Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with digital copy or, for the ultimate experience in fully immersive 3D, in a four-disc Blu-ray 3D and 2D combo pack with digital copy; both sets featuring more than 2 ½ hours of new bonus footage never-before-released on disc, including a fascinating in-depth exploration of the film with Cameron, as well as documentary footage produced by National Geographic with Cameron that brings the world's leading RMS Titanic experts together to solve the lingering mysteries of why and how the "unsinkable" ship sank.