How the Dogs Were Trained For 'Chihuahua 3'


Beverly Hills Chihuahua
is back for a third installment and ET's kid reporter Lauren Kaplan caught up with the dogs and their trainer to find out what a typical day is like on the set and how the dogs are trained for the film.

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Trainer Michael Alexander said that a typical day of filming with the dogs requires plenty of preparation, which includes bringing the dogs to the set earlier than the rest of the crew so they can get situated and fed.

Although the dogs' characters are mostly developed through their human voices, Alexander said that they surprisingly tend to resemble their on-screen characters. "It's actually one of the things that amazes me the most--how much the dogs' personalities really are like their characters,'" he evaluated.

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Alexander, who has been training dogs for 20 years, pointed out that training the dogs for a film like Beverly Hills Chihuahua can be counterintuitive for the well-disciplined dogs. "A lot of times, the things we have to do would normally be considered misbehaving for a dog but that's what they want them to do in the movie so that's what we train them to do," he said.

As for how the well-trained dogs are when they aren't on set, their trainer said that they unwind and become their fun selves at the end of the day. As he put it: "They get to be dogs when they're not working on the set."

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Check out the full video above for a clip from Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!, which will be released on Blu-ray combo pack, DVD, and digitally on September 18.