January Jones is 'Seeking Justice'


January Jones has continued to embrace big screen roles that play to her small screen strengths -- both X-Men: First Class and Unknown cast her as an icy temptress you should never trust (a la Betty Draper). But for her latest movie role, the Mad Men star exudes a heretofore unseen compassion.

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In Seeking Justice, a new drama co-starring Nicholas Cage and Guy Pearce, Jones plays the victim of a brutal assault, but instead of turning into a victim, she is empowered by the experience. As it turns out, that's exactly what attracted Jones to the script.

"I was drawn to the fact the character I play is victimized, but doesn't become a victim," she says in an ETOnline exclusive sneak peek at the DVD's bonus features. "That appealed to me [because] it was something I hadn't played before."

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