Matthew McConaughey's Creepy 'Killer Joe'


Newlywed Matthew McConaughey ratchets up the creep factor as a Dallas cop-turned-contract killer in this modern-day black comedy Killer Joe, and we're going behind the scenes!

"It is a character like I haven't really done before," says Matthew. "It's pretty outrageous stuff."

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Directed by William Friedkin (The Exorcist), Killer Joe follows 22-year-old Chris (Emile Hirsch), who finds himself in debt to a drug lord and hires Joe Cooper -- a cop who moonlights as a hit man -- to dispatch his mother, who has a $50,000 life insurance policy. The policy benefits Chris' sister Dottie (Juno Temple), and when he can't pay Joe upfront, the creepy hit man sets his sight on Dottie as collateral for the job. What follows is like a modern-day, twisted fairy tale, as "Killer Joe" Cooper becomes the prince to Dottie's Cinderella.

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Based on the play by Pulitzer and Tony Award winner Tracy Letts, Killer Joe also stars Thomas Haden Church and Gina Gershon. Look for it in limited release July 27.