ET Flashback: Arnold vs. 'Predator'


If it bleeds, we can kill it. Arnold Schwarzenegger faces off against the ultimate alien predator in the jungles of Central America in the 1987 hit Predator, and for the film's 25th anniversary, we've got vintage ET footage of Arnold talking about the film alongside an interview with the 7-foot-2 Predator himself, Kevin Peter Hall.

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"When I ran across the Predator script, it immediately connected that this could be the ultimate enemy," said Arnold, who compared his team of jungle mercenaries to The Dirty Dozen, and explained that the John McTiernan-directed movie was "packed with action from the beginning to the end, and on top of it it's a horror movie." He adding jokingly, "What is different is in the whole film this time I'm in high heels."

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The very tall Kevin Peter Hall, who also starred in Harry and the Hendersons as everyone's favorite Sasquatch that same summer, said working with Arnold "was a lot of fun." Kevin enjoyed getting to "tussle" with the mega-action star, and revealed, "I got to train with Arnold in his gym, which was a lot of fun. … I had to be strong enough to fight Arnold and manage the suit and all those special effect weapons I had to carry."

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Asked which character he's more like, Kevin replied, "I think Harry's definitely more me; the lovable visitor in the home, it's a good part. There was a lot to do. The other, you kill people, you kill more people, and then you die."