Blake & Salma Talk 'Savages' Sex Scenes


Blake Lively enjoys a steamy, three-way open relationship with Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson -- and Salma Hayek's cartel queen wants to ruin the party -- in Oliver Stone's gritty new drug thriller Savages. We're with the saucy stars as they talk sex scenes, working with Stone -- and quality weed!

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"She does have sex with two really hot guys," acknowledges Salma to ET special correspondent Jason Sehorn with a laugh.

"The first three days were all of our sex scenes," reports Blake. "But the good news is if you're not comfortable with each other after that, you're just never going to be comfortable with each other, so it builds trust quick."

"I was like, 'We've just got to shoot it and move on,'" says Taylor, who explains that sex scenes on a movie set are always just plain awkward. "It's like, 'Cut!' [and you're] just naked, just waiting, resetting the camera angle. … That's what it comes down to."

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Savages finds Taylor and Aaron as California marijuana growers whose booming business catches the attention of a Mexican cartel that wants to partner with them. But when they refuse to do business with them, the cartel, run by Salma's character, snatches up their girlfriend, played by Blake, and holds her hostage. Also starring John Travolta, Emile Hirsch and Benicio Del Toro, Savages arrives in theaters July 6.