Steve and Keira's Tipsy Last Request

Steve and Keira's Tipsy Last Request

Should the world come to an end, Steve Carell and Keira Knightley would like to go out with a little buzz. In Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, the comedic pair found friendship and love in the final hours before the apocalypse.

Carefree and without fear of consequences, all the characters in the film engage in meaningless flings and get overly intoxicated. Keira would behave similarly, saying, "Alcohol would be quite helpful for me at the end of the world. I don't know that I'd go for the orgy situation, but I'd definitely like a good vodka tonic or margaritas."

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No longer concerned for maintaining a macho man reputation, funnyman Steve would mix up a "girly" drink. "I would probably drink mudslides," he craved. "I'd probably drink a lot of drinks that men shouldn't be drinking."

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In real life, Steve has his lovely wife Nancy and their children to share his eternity with. In an interesting twist, Nancy plays his wife in the movie, but betrays him in the opening scene. "We shot that on our anniversary, which was kind of ironic because the character is leaving me at the beginning," he laughed. The dad had a much better Father's Day, though. "I got breakfast in bed. I got pancakes and bacon," he said. "Some homemade cards. They gave me an iPod with music loaded. Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift."

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This exaggerated and comedic Armageddon-esque flick put a new spin on a topic often covered in box office blockbusters. "There is an element of absurdity to it and it looks at the flipside of what people might actually do and poke fun of it in a certain way," Steve summed up. Keira came to the revelation that it "put life in perspective" and that it's priority to value the limited time we have with loved ones.

It's the beginning of the end when Seeking a Friend for the End of the World opens in theaters on June 22, 2012.