Cast Gives Love to Woody Allen's 'Rome'


Woody Allen's latest creation focuses on romance and adventure in one of the world's most romantic cities, Rome. ET was on hand for a special screening in New York last night of To Rome with Love, and the cast had nothing but love to share about the iconic Hollywood writer/director/producer.

One of the film's stars, Penelope Cruz, was reuniting with Allen after winning an Oscar for her performance in his hit Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and said working with Allen always leaves her wanting more."It was great, it was really short, so I wanted more because I did my whole character in three weeks. In Vicky Cristina Barcelona also, the whole movie I did in four weeks, it was too short."

VIDEO: Penelope Cruz Reunites With Woody Allen in Rome

Cruz also revealed that she discovered a whole differenr side of Allen when she recently saw him perform with his jazz band. "The other day I went to see him play at the Carlyle and I've never seen him play before and wow! I've never seen him so animated, he was standing and singing... it's another side of him, he's a great musician." 

Actress Greta Gerwig said she admires Allen's constant comic genius. "I would always hear him make these little jokes to himself, kind of just while he was directing and living life -- and he wouldn't necessarily think that people were listening to him. And I like that his way of being, his just automatic pilot is 'I'm gonna write jokes.' I think that's really amazing."

Watch the video for more cast interviews and you can catch To Rome with Love on the big screen beginning tomorrow. 

VIDEO: Penelope Cruz's Experience with Woody Allen