Sofia Vergara: 'Machete Kills' Maneater!


Sofia Vergara straps on a diamond choker and a strapless leather bustier for the upcoming shoot-'em-up sequel Machete Kills, and we have the first footage from the film captured on video by none other than Sofia's teen son, Manolo!

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In the sequel to 2010's Machete from director Robert Rodriguez, Sofia plays a Mexican madam formerly known as "Maneater"! Of course, Danny Trejo is back as the relentless, titular anti-hero, this time recruited by the President of the United States (played by Charlie Sheen!) for a special mission that will grant Machete his freedom as well as an opportunity to fulfill his own personal vendetta. Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard, Demian Bichir and, yes, Mel Gibson, also star.

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You can see more from the Austin, TX set of Machete Kills, including footage of Sofia being silly with Danny, on YouTube's Mi Vida con Toty.

Machete Kills hits theaters next year.